The MDRT Experience 2016 Bundle Deal (Workshops and Main Platform Sessions)


Purchase the MDRT Experience 2016 Bundle Deal, inclusive of all the Workshops and Main Platform Sessions. Hosted in Hong Kong.

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The Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT), The Premier Association of Financial Professionals, is an international, independent association of more than 31,500 members of the world’s life insurance and financial services professionals from 464 companies in more than 80 nations and territories. MDRT members demonstrate exceptional professional knowledge, strict ethical conduct and outstanding client service. MDRT membership is recognized internationally as the standard of sales excellence in the life insurance and financial services business.


• Presidential Welcome & Flag Ceremony (preview)

• 15 Magic Words ~ Bernie De Souza (preview)

• Tell your Life Where To Go ~ Vicki Writer (preview)

• It’s Not About The Money ~ Mary Fenwick (preview)

• Leadership Lessons from Champions ~ Ross Bernstein (preview)

• Embrace The Shake ~ Phil Hansen (preview)

• An Unexpected Journey ~ Adelia Chug & Spencer Dung (preview)

• Waste Not Hunger Not ~ Gigi Tung (preview)

• Make Every Moment Count ~ John Cremer (preview)

• The 5 Keys to Ultimate Health ~ Dr. Ross Walker (preview)

• Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life ~ Delatorro McNeal II (preview)

• A Tale of Two Brains ~ Mark Gungor (preview)

• Where Have We Been, Where Are We Going? ~ Dr. Christina Y. Liu (preview)

• World Without Borders ~ James McEvoy (preview)

• Limitless Opportunities ~ Caroline Banks (preview)

• Just Believe ~ Jennifer Bricker (preview)

• Because I Said I Would ~ Alex Sheen (preview)



• How to Read Someone Like a Book ~ John Cremer (preview)

• MDRT Through Effective Coaching ~ Henry Cheng (preview)

• How to Close Big Ticket Cases by Asking the Right Questions ~ May Lee (preview)

• Ultimate Wellness ~ Dr. Ross Walker (preview)

• Building Instant Trust (Without Selling) ~ Bernie De Souza (preview)

• Building Trust with Clients ~ Matthew Collins (preview)

• The Problem Page ~ Mary Fenwick (preview)

• The Champion’s Code: Winning with Integrity ~ Ross Bernstein (preview)


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