Mobile Learning

Tap into the endless possibilities of learning from your mobile devices.

Harness The Power of Mobile Learning to Better Equip Your People!

We cannot deny that the introduction of smart phones and tablets has changed the way information or content is delivered. More and more people are getting information and learning from the internet while on the move through their mobile devices. The demand for instant access to information and knowledge is on the rise. Informal or Self-Directed Learning is no longer bound to a fixed physical location. People can now learn anywhere and anytime, thereby converting unproductive travelling and waiting time into productive learning opportunities.

With the ownership of smart phones and tablets gaining popularity and momentum, is your company or organisation harnessing the power of mobile learning to better equip your people?

The benefits of mobile learning will be significant with the mobile work force on the rise, your people can receive just-in-time training for knowledge that are important to the task that they are about to fulfil, it can be as simple as a new product information that your sales staff requires to introduce to a potential client. The end-result is your people will be better equipped and look more professional.

Are you ready for such changes? Is the traditional e-learning approach still relevant in this mobile age?

We aim to equip you with both the theory and technical knowledge of creating mobile learning content. We will be introducing to you a powerful yet simple to use, quick authoring tool, which can help you create mobile learning in double-quick time. No sophisticated programming or coding required. We will also be introducing to you Mobile Learning Management Systems and mobile applications designed for mobile learning.

We will also be going through some video and audio recording skills that can value add to your overall content creation. Learn with us and discover how producing mobile learning content can be as easy as creating PowerPoint presentation slides.