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Transforming Presentations:

Double The Impact of Your

PowerPoint Presentations

Do you feel you are a pro at preparing and delivering PowerPoint presentations? Perhaps not one yet, but confident that you are good enough to handle a sizable audience. After all, you know all the basics, plus maybe a trick or two up your sleeves.

But consider this. Are your PowerPoint presentations no different from the estimated 30 million presentations given each day around the world? You ask, “So what’s wrong with that?” What you may not know is that most of these presentations have failed to live up to their full potential to captivate and motivate the audience. Because the PowerPoint software is relatively easy to use, many have fallen into the pitfall of misusing it as a “data-dump” which causes audience to switch off and nod off.

Now, Fig Tree Multimedia is going to turn you into a pro by bringing you a power-packed 2-day training that takes you beyond the common use of PowerPoint and present with style.

Who Should Attend and Benefit Most from the Training:

  • Sales and marketing executives
  • Professional trainers and coaches
  • Managers or supervisors
  • CEO and business owners
  • Professionals
  • Support staff
  • Teaching staff
  • Anyone who requires to present

Possible Training Outcomes

  • Create Impactful Presentation Slides
  • Deliver More Engaging Presentations
  • Present Complex Info with Ease

Powerpoint Presentation Training Details

Upcoming Training Dates:

30-31 Jan 2020 (Thu-Fri)

27-28 Feb 2020 (Thu-Fri)

26-27 Mar 2020 (Thu-Fri)

Training Fee: S$650/person
Time: 9 am – 5 pm

Venue: 2 Leng Kee Road, #06-06, Thye Hong Centre, Singapore 159086

Kevin Lee


Kelvin graduated from Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts in 1998. He worked in a photo studio before setting up his own design company, John 14:6. In 2001, he joined Fig Tree Multimedia Pte Ltd, a company focused on providing services in the area of presentation. He is overall in -charge of the training, design and multimedia department.

He is a dynamic and eloquent communicator and an experienced trainer of our Power Presentations trainings. Both he and his team are certified Microsoft PowerPoint specialists. The clients that have gone through his presentation training include PSA, IBM, Shell Petroleum, AT&T, Mindef, AIA and many more.

Training Outline

What you will learn from this training

Day One

The first day of training is specially customized to equip busy executives, trainers and presenters with a quick and good grasp of design basics to create captivating and compelling PowerPoint presentations that communicate, persuade and motivate.

Day Two

The second day of training will take you “Beyond Bullet-Points and Clipart” so that your PowerPoint presentations are set apart from the standard and ordinary templates and backgrounds of everyday presentations. This module is specially designed to activate your creative juice to make the text in your presentation slides “talk” and the numbers “sing”. You will be equipped with the necessary techniques and tools to create professional-looking and high-impact presentation slides in double quick time with just a few clicks of the mouse.


Have you ever struggled to decide where to place your text boxes and pictures in your presentation slides? Ever realized your presentation slides look rather messy? Through this study of using a grid system, you will find that deciding your layout is actually fun and easy.


Do you know that there are certain texts that work for a presentation? Have you ever wondered what the most appropriate size for your text is? Using the incorrect text type and size will cause the audience to be frustrated with your presentation. This section will address these problems and more..


Colors are known to inject life to our presentations. Yet too often, we shy away from it, choosing instead to use dull and conservative colors. Do you know that it can be taught systematically and be applied to your presentation slides effectively? Do you know the difference between the “analogous” and the “complimentary” color scheme? This section has been rated the best value for this workshop. Find out why as we explore the wonderful world of colors.


Sitting through a presentation where every other slide has a different background can be very annoying. Do you know the techniques that will help you create presentation slides that are consistent and pleasant to the eye? What is it that binds your slides together and helps you bring your message across? This section will equip you with the knowledge to bind your presentation slides and make it seamless and effective.


Have you ever seen a slide that has the wrong emphasis? Do you know the techniques to direct the attention of your audience? In this section, you will see how contrast plays a big part in achieving this and how to eliminate “noise” from your presentation slides.

Beyond Bullet-points and Clipart

Have you been filling your slides with boring bullet-points and clichéd clipart? Your slides will no longer have the same old run-of-the-mill feel as you learn how to pack your points with impressive diagrams which guarantee to give your audience a breath of fresh air.

Advancing Charting Techniques

Do you overwhelm your audience with bar and pie charts that are overloaded with stats? Ever wondered how you can present one segment of the chart at a time? We will guide you through some unique ways to work around the problem and make your charts impressive at the same time.

Complex Diagrams Made Easy

Have you encounter problems to present complex diagrams or flowcharts? Very often when presented on PowerPoint slides, these diagrams get really small on the screen and incomprehensible to the audience. Is there a way out? Through this session, you will discover an easy technique to present these complex diagrams and make your audience see your point.

Slide Master

Have you ever encountered the problem of being unable to integrate a background from another PowerPoint file? Do you know that you can prepare numerous templates for your presentation slides and change them accordingly at the click of a button? This section will show you how to do it and give you more amazing possibilities for your presentation slides.

Finding Your Flow

Do you struggle to present your four main points that contain five other sub-points within your presentation? Can your audience follow the flow of your message? Or do they get lost in an ocean of information and switch off soon after you have started? We will share with you how you can create a presentation that is clear and easy to follow by using advanced animation and proper sequencing.

Creating and Designing Your Own Master Template & Corporate Blueprint

Have you noticed the same worn-out PowerPoint templates being used over and over again as you sit through presentations after presentations? Or worse still, have you been using the same templates as your competitors? Now you can break away from the pack and make your audience sit up and pay attention to your slides with your own unique PowerPoint templates. Through this session, we’ll show you the techniques and you’ll discover some new possibilities to create templates that express the distinct corporate identity of your organization.


This is an excellent program to improve the aesthetics and impact of PowerPoint without making it look cheap or amateurish. I’m amazed at how my skills improved by almost 300%.
Gabriel Chan

AIG Trainer, AIG

A technically dry subject made lively and fun! Great workshop. Strongly recommended for anyone who uses PowerPoint for presentation. Kelvin is wonderful! Very knowledgeable and helpful.
Jeffrey Foo

Group HR Manager, PSA International Ltd

Great course. All professional presenters should attend this course. Really good value for money for all the materials covered and resources provided. Kelvin and team – excellent job.
Col. (NS) Png Bee Hin

Former Director D'Executive Services, MINDEF

I have learnt the techniques, ticks and tips to create a Powerpoint presentation that I’ll be proud of. And yes, I promise not to use the standard templates from Microsoft Powerpoint ever again!
Gillian Lim

Tokio Marine Asia Pte Ltd

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