APLIC 2015 Main Platform


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• Opening Address & Ceremony ~ Henry Januar, Edmund Wee, Firdaus Djaelani MA, I. Made Mangku Pastika, H. Yuddy Chrisnadi MM

• CEO Forum ~ Firdaus Djaelani MA, Hendrisman Rahim, Eddy Belmans, SK Samy, Joachim Wessling & Ben Ng

• Multiply Your Business With Entrepreneurs’ Risk Management & Wealth Inheritance ~ Samuel Yung

• Marketing To The Wealthy Families ~ Gerald P. R. Sacks

• Be The Best You Can Be ~ Sandro Forte

• Making Top Of The Table 36/37 Years – And What Happened To The Other Year ~ Bruce W Etherington

• You Are Always More Than You Think ~ Lee Sheng Wah

• The Secrets Of MDRT Market Tuneup ~ Guy Baker

• Seven Secrets To Success ~ Jason Black


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