Breaking the Barriers to Effective Communication - 22 Sep 2016 (CONFIRMED)

About the Course

Effective communication isn’t just about getting the right message across, it’s also about delivering the message with tack. Many a time, unnecessary damage, stress and conflict arise due to poor communication. Thus, extra time and efforts have to put in for recovery work. This workshop serves to develop individuals to be effective communicators who will add value to their organizations:

  • Understanding and practicing various communication styles
  • Learning the right type of communication style for the occasion
  • Creating Win-Win situations through effective communication
  • Resolving conflict internally and externally
  • Building and sustaining relationships at work

Who Should Attend

This workshop is open for any executives or anyone who would like to develop strong communications and building a successful professional relationship at work.

Your Benefits

  • Identify the components of an Effective Communication
  • Assess their own communication stylee
  • Address situational needs
  • Build up their adversity quotient
  • Building networking skills
  • Maintain communication equilibrium using various techniques
  • Mapping out an individual communication plan
  • Create constructive solutions that contribute to their organizations’ effectiveness

Trainer's Profile

adrain_choo1.jpg (150×194)

Adrian Choo has been a trainer with extensive experience in conducting corporate training. Adrian delivered training extensively in Singapore and in various countries in the APAC region, guiding and teaching corporate staff from executive to managerial roles. Previously received training from the President of Singapore Psychological Association, Adrian held the Principal Trainer and Senior Marketing Manager positions in a training institute directed by the President.


Well-known for his flair for incorporating andragogy games; contextualized case studies; and other creative facilitating tools, Adrian delivers impactful trainings that allow transformational learning and job transference to take place. For appreciation of his contribution, Adrian received the Letter of Commendation in his military reservist unit which won “Best Unit Award” for four consecutive years (2010-2014). 


Adrian is honoured to be invited as panel judge for the Youth Entrepreneurship Symposium organized by NTUC Nebo in 2010. He is now a mentor for A*STAR Tech Startup, working closely with A*STAR scientists to commercialise their latest tech products in the market. He was also engaged as an instructional designer, curriculum developer and assessor for two courses: Certificate in Curriculum Development and Instructions and Certificate in Harnessing Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Both programs are accredited by London Teacher Training College and are currently conducted in Singapore.

Course Details

Course Start Date: 22-Sep-2016 9:00 am
Course End Date: 22-Sep-2016 6:00 pm
Cut off date 21-Sep-2016
Individual Price $200.00
We are no longer accepting registration for this course date